Sunday, January 18, 2009


Jacquelyn Boshoven
3D Environment Artist

Seeking a job with a focus in 3D environmental/prop modeling where I may utilize my skills to bring innovation and support.
-It is simply my mission to make your dreams a reality.

FSU: Ferris State University, Grand Rapids, MI

  • Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Digital Animation and Game Design
  • Dean’s List with a final GPA of 3.87

3D Modeling: 3D Studio Max, Soft Image XSI, and Zbrush.
Level Design: Unity 3D and Unreal Tournament 3 Editor.
2D Design: Adobe CS.
Texturing: Adobe CS, Crazybump, Roadkill, and XNormal.
Web Design: Adobe CS, HTML, and CSS.
Programming: Action Script, CSS, C++, Bloodshed, and Python.
…and Microsoft Office Suite


S2Games. Kalamazoo, MI.
December '11 to Current

  • Currently working as a Graphic Designer.

Black Hat Brigade Games. Grand Rapids, MI. May '10 to Current

  • Determine art direction.
  • Created a website, business cards, game logos, and game concept art/models.

Tai Vare Music. Malibu, CA. July '11 to September '11

  • Designed and created a working flash website along with a quick iphone website.
  • Backgrounds, thumbnails, titles, and videos re all loaded eternally and can therefore be easily updated by the client providing him more control over the look of the website.Link
  • To view the website, simply visit

FSU Internship: YETi CGI. Grand Rapids, MI. May '10 to September '10

  • Created the Flinger weapon for the Facebook game: Backyard Monsters.
  • Conceptualized a 3D environment for the in house RTS: BattleScars.
  • Conceptualized a San Francisco based 3D environment for Kaon Interactive.
  • Created a set of logos for American Aquanaut and the in-house RTS: BattleScars.

Junior Project: Hyrail. Detroit, MI. October '09 to January '10

  • Worked as a team to create models, textures, and animation rigs.
  • Designed a basic storyboard for advertising.
  • Organized the project for the team and company.

FSU: Frag Fest. Grand Rapids, MI. Seasonal September '07 to January'11

  • 24 hours modeling or leveling competition (two times modeling and two times leveling).
  • Received first place Model Design in September 2007.
  • Received first place Level Design in January 2009.
  • Received second place Level Design in September 2010.
  • Received first place Level Design in January 2011.


IGDA: Ferris Association. Grand Rapids, MI. September '07 to May '11

  • Participated in a group to create a strong social environment for students outside of class that included Game Nights, tournaments, a place for critiques, and club projects.
  • As of September 2009 I have performed as the association's PR Officer.
  • Worked as a team to create environmental concepts, posters, logos, and more.


Family Fare. Hudsonville, MI. July '08 to December '11

  • Worked as a team and solo to get things done right and fast.
  • Learned food preparations, cleaning, organization, and leadership/management skills.
  • Recognized for speed, quality, reliability, teamwork, and costumer service skills.

Arby's. Hudsonville, MI. June'06 to August '07
  • Worked as a team to get things done right and fast.
  • Last stationed as a cashier for great customer service skills.
  • Learned food preparations, cleaning, and organization skills.

References are available upon request.
Again, to view my portfolio please visit: